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By golden on pink,
and by strawberry fields

Or shoes that make a sound,
like clickity-clack, click-clack!

Or the curve in a raspberry,
How it tasted,
dripping with charm —

you have bewitched me.

But I drew myself into your soul
beckoned by a tart and angry color…



Feb 20, 2021

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And for each petal-blast that felt like (ooh, cringe)
volcanos in a Japanese painting of (spring),
contrived, you told me:

In the year of our lord 2020, there are thirty-seven hate groups in New York.

But in the morning,
during the fires of California,
you say:

Come, let’s go. Wake…



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Where far-off men in rooms—
blink red white and blue
just go ahead, and
decide what we do.

And marching in streets,
those checkering potholes.
Past the shuttered supermarket crying — out of business!

But what should we do?

For there is a 13-year-old mother
still pregnant with Alabama.




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My Mother washed you.

As Mary Magdalene
washed —

Her rag delicate, wet,
and overwhelmed.

Washed foot
and hand,
forehead, shoulder.
And cold and still,
and ribs.

But you were gone, then —
already swimming with morphine fairies,
and the unborn of eight more,
of you.

With slow dances at…



Beatrice Wedd

Beatrice Wedd


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