World-Building with Beatrice Wedd

Blithewood Gardens at Bard College

“Your stories were original, challenging, and clearly came from a unique intelligence […] Continue to read a lot, write a lot, and edit a lot. I think you’re going to go on to great things.” — Teju Cole

“Beatrice was one of the strongest students I had this term — “ her evaluation read, “[If writing class were graded] her grade would have been a solid A, which I rarely give […]

In every class, she was a leader in discussion — her comments were always honest and tough, but delivered with sensitivity and compassion.

In that way, I think many looked to her to improve their work; her investment in reading the work of her peers certainly inspired many (I recall several students bringing her up to me in my office hours because of this).”

— Porochista Khakpour

“My mom taught me what not to do with money, so I suppose I should be grateful for that.”

My parents were both artists when I was growing up so there were always issues with money. I’m trying to avoid that struggle in whatever way I can…”

“It’s a relief, in some ways,” she said. “For years I wondered what could be wrong with my mother. Why she needed the house to look the way it did, why she never understood how to talk to people: their boundaries or what would make them angry. It’s a relief to know she might have a disorder. It makes me forgive her, somehow.”

Rightdoing/wrongdoing | Learn more: @beatriceandthebook | Inquiries: | Do not reproduce content without written consent | 2021.

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